Cellina Lady Luxury Malachite+Tripeptide Facial Mask.Pore Minimizing

Soften dead skin and minimize pores to render a flawless and hydrated appearance.
Specification: 5片/盒
Product Instruction
Diamond Particles & Malachite Extract  
Beautiful pores are rich in special copper minerals that help promote collagen production, activation and hydration locking to make the skin smooth, firm and luminous.
Tri-Peptides & Witch Hazel Extract  
The dynamic composition of Tri-Peptides and Witch Hazel Extract helps minimize and purify pores and balance oily complexion. Tri-peptides are also effective in skin repairing, firming and moisturizing producing a refreshing, translucent and smooth look.
Calendula Extract & Chamomile Extract  
This double-powered soothing herbal extract formula gently minimizes pores, regulates oil balance to provide hydration, repairs dull and uneven skin tones to reveal youthful and radiant skin.