Cellina Juicy Jelly Lip Balm-Lemon
Juicy lip supplement, anytime anywhere
Juicy Lip + Long-lasting Moisturization Q + Repair & Protection 
Specification: 3g
Product Instruction
Natural Fruit Extract
With natural lemon extract, the fresh sour and sweet fragrance of this lip balm gives the lips the gentlest care.
Shea Butter
With shea butter extract certified by ECOCERT, the highly nourishing ingredient is easily absorbed by the lips to smooth wrinkles and intensively nourish and moisturize the lips.
Macadamia Nut Oil
This natural pure plant oil effectively nourishes the lips, protects chapped lips, prevents dryness and keeps lips soft.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E softens lip cuticle and reduces moisture loss. Continuous use of this lip balm restores the lips’ elasticity.
Non-wax Formula
100% No wax. The texture is softer and finer to mildly nourish the lips
Purpose:Lip nourishment and repair.
Directions:Twist the lip balm gently and apply an appropriate amount on the lips. Re-apply anytime if the lips are chapped or dry.